N-7C (55 gallon drum)

N-7C (55 gallon drum)

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Remove air-borne odors from wastewater treatment, garbage, cutting fluid, pesticides, herbicides, composting, landfill, refineries and other similar operations with Epoleon N7C odor neutralizer! The N7C odor neutralizes by means of chemical reaction, counteraction and absorption. This enables N-7C to react with a variety of gases (acidic, neutral and alkaline) simultaneously. The N7C works to neutralize odorous gases and eliminates the source of odors, not just cover them up as most masking agent do.

Epoleon N-7C formula has the ability to react with a broad range of gases. It was designed to react upon the odors produced by the disposal of food and any other waste materials containing a high amount of neutral gases as well as acidic and alkali odors by a special inclusion effect. N-7C formula neutralizes by means of chemical reaction and counter-action enabled by a fragrance plant extract, one of its main ingredients.

N7C also provide a fresh scent during application. The fragrance is designed to act as a counteraction method against odors, not to mask. Most importantly, N7C is environmentally friendly and USDA approved.

* N-7C is also available in
  • 100G. mini bottle (6 bottles in a box)
  • Single 1/2 gallon bottle
  • 5 gallon case(1/2 gallon X 10 bottles)
55 gallon drum for call-in order only.
Please call us at 800.376.5366 for ordering 55 gallon drum.

pH .......... 5.2 - 6.7 (at 25°C)
Boiling Point .......... 100°C
Freezing Point .......... 0°C
Vap. Press .......... Same as Water
Soluble in Water .......... Completely
Sp. Gravity .......... 1.06±0.05 (at 25°C)
Range of Molecular Wt .......... 50 - 800
Appearance .......... Amber
Scent .......... Fragrance from plant extracts

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Cutting Fluid and Coolant
  • Dump Trucks
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Garbage
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