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Odor eliminating for wastewater treatment plant
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Pet Odor Control

With miracle betaine power, the P-200/P-201
eliminates pet urine and feces odors, instead of masking the odor.

Amazing odor neutralization!

Environmentally friendly, organic odor neutralizer.

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Odor control products by Epoleon are the best odor control solution to all the odor-related problems such as skunk odors, pet odors, and household odors. Our odor control products are unique water based liquid and gel formulas that eliminate offensive odors at the source through organic chemical reaction. While many products only mask odors with strong scents, the environmentally friendly and safe compounds in the Epoleon odor control solutions actually neutralize unpleasant odorous gases by chemical reaction.

In commercial and household applications, most of Epoleon products can be appropriately diluted with water to handle almost any odor types. After dilution, the Epoleon Odor Neutralizers can be sprayed or fogged into the air, or applied directly to the source of the odor problems.

Epoleon Odor Control Products were developed for the control of major industrial and household type odors and are used in various situations the world over.

Pet Odor Control

cats Pet urine odor and other animal related odor problems, such as skunk odors, result from alkali odors (ammonia, Trimethylamine), and acidic odors (Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan) emitted from urine and feces. When your pet releases urine, the pH property of urine is alkali; however, after being exposed to air, it changes from alkali to acid. These odors are not only bad for humans but also for your pets. The most important fact is that pet odor control (skunk odor removal) should be carried safely so that both of you can live comfortably.

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Remove Skunk Odor and Dead Animal Odor

skunk and dead animals Remove skunk odor, dead animal odor, pet odor, and dead rodent odor with EPOLEON Odor Control Neutralizer! The PC-300 skunk odor control neutralizer was developed mainly for removing skunk odor. However, it reacts not only with skunk odor and dead animal odor but also reacts with pet urine odor, mildew odors, sweat odors, tobacco odors that are imbedded in carpets and upholstery. Also, It reacts with raw garbage for indoor and out door applications as well.

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Industrial Application Use

Industrial Odor As we see it, you are looking for a way of controlling odors, such as eliminating skunk odor, that works as safely as it does effectively. Using progressive technology, Epoleon Corporation has met this challenge in the development of a superior product line of organic odor neutralizers. Our formulas offer a revolutionary alternative to the use of masking agents.

Epoleon concentrated water-based products are comprised of organic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable compounds. Each formula is designed to chemically react, to varying degrees, with particular types of gases and is available in fragrant or fragrance free formulas.