Skunk Odor Control

Skunk Odor control
Skunk Odor Control

Skunks are famous for their strong odorous defensive spray. When alarmed, intimidated or threatened, skunks have been well-known to spray people, pets, and automobiles. They also squirt in basements, window wells, garages, decks, stairs and/or under porches. The musk they spray is a yellow-tinted oily liquid stored in two sacks located on opposite sides of the anus.

Skunk musk is composed primarily of seven ingredients, six of which are sulfur-containing thiols that present the skunk musk its extremely awful smell. Humans can detect and smell a skunk's powerful musk in concentrations as low as one part per billion.

The spray of a skunk is not only incredibly stinky and horrible - it's also notoriously hard and difficult to get rid of. An old folk remedy and treatment is to bathe in tomato juice, but tests show that it only masks and disguises the odor. It will stick to things like hair and wool and various paint around the walls, absorbing the scent and then gradually revealing the smell.

The best way to control, manage, and remove skunk odor is to use an odor control neutralizer because it actually changes the chemistry of the skunk spray. It converts the smelly skunk odor compounds into odorless chemicals.

Epoleon is a deodorizer that removes malodors by chemically reacting, counter-acting, neutralizing and dissolving the odors and toxic gases which are unpleasant to humans and animals. PC-300, N-100, Nnz and N-7C skunk odor control neutralizers were developed mainly for skunk odor control. However, it reacts not only with skunk odor and dead animal odor but also act in response with pet urine odor, mildew odors, sweat odors, tobacco odors that are imbedded in carpets and upholstery. It also reacts with raw garbage for indoor and out door applications as well.

Good for skunk odor control:

N100 N-100
N-100 odor control neutralizer offers a new alternative for controlling air-borne odors such as Hydrogen sulfide, Methylmercaptan, Trim ethylamine and Ammonia that coming from various odors.
N7C N-7C
Epoleon N-7C formula has the ability to react with a broad range of gases. It was designed to react upon the odors produced by the disposal of food and any other waste materials containing a high amount of neutral gases as well as acidic and alkali odors by a special inclusion effect. N-7C formula neutralizes by means of chemical reaction and counter-action enabled by a fragrance plant extract, one of its main ingredients.
NnZ has a special inclusion effect which deodorizes the traces of gases and neutral odors which cannot be analyzed (indole, skatole, etc). NnZ contains an emulsifier for oil and grease and has excellent cleaning power.
PC300 PC-300
PC-300 odor control neutralizer dissolves and neutralizes toxic and poisonous gases which include acidic odors (Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan) and alkali odors (Ammonia, Trim ethylamine) at the same time.
PC-300 is non-toxic and biodegradable so it is safe for environment and your pets.