Dead Animal Odor Control

dead animal odor control
Dead Animal Odor Control

The most common case of dead animal odor is a rodent such as a mouse or a rat dead by a poison bait. If the death occurs and it takes place in the attic - wall void or inaccessible crawl space - the animal will smell and in most cases the scent will last for several weeks. In some cases, larger animals like squirrels, opossums and/or raccoons may smell for several months.

Dead animals can cause all sorts of problems:

  • Dead animals can lead to infestations of flies, beetles, and other insects.
  • Displaced parasites look for new homes when their hosts die and spread serious diseases.
  • Dead animals endangering pets or stealing food.
  • Dead animal odors (and skunk odors) are putrid and can last for many months.
To avoid odor and these problems from dead animal carcasses, you need to take the proper steps.

  1. Remove the dead animal carcass, if possible.
  2. Choose Epoleon odor neutralizer and fog/spray the affected area.
  3. If you do not have access to remove the animal carcass due to an obstructing object or a wall, it is necessary to fog/spray multiple times since the animal carcass may produce odors continuously.
Epoleon odor control neutralizer is chosen and preferred by dead animal removal specialists. It can also be used for commercial and industrial purposes. Epoleon has received excellent reviews for its ability to neutralize and counterbalance dead animal odor and other unpleasant smells such as skunk odors. Epoleon is a deodorizer that removes such malodors, particularly the removal of skunk odor, by chemically reacting, counter-acting, neutralizing and dissolving the odors and toxic gases which are unpleasant to humans and animals. Dead animal removal specialists and other professionals know the difference, therefore choose and desire Epoleon.

Good for dead animal odor control:

N100 N-100
N-100 odor control neutralizer offers a new alternative for controlling air-borne odors such as Hydrogen sulfide, Methylmercaptan, Trim ethylamine and Ammonia that coming from various odors.
N7C N-7C
Epoleon N-7C formula has the ability to react with a broad range of gases. It was designed to react upon the odors produced by the disposal of food and any other waste materials containing a high amount of neutral gases as well as acidic and alkali odors by a special inclusion effect. N-7C formula neutralizes by means of chemical reaction and counter-action enabled by a fragrance plant extract, one of its main ingredients.
NnZ has a special inclusion effect which deodorizes the traces of gases and neutral odors which cannot be analyzed (indole, skatole, etc). NnZ contains an emulsifier for oil and grease and has excellent cleaning power.
PC300 PC-300
PC-300 odor control neutralizer dissolves and neutralizes toxic and poisonous gases, such as skunk odor, which include acidic odors (Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan) and alkali odors (Ammonia, Trim ethylamine) simultaneously.
PC-300 is non-toxic and biodegradable so it is safe for environment and your pets.