P-201 (32 oz.) A hint of nice fragrance!

P-201 (32 oz.) A hint of nice fragrance!


Epoleon P-201 is an amazing pet odor control with a miracle betaine power ! Epoleon P-201 is an environmentally friendly organic odor neutralizer which brings amazing odor control power by chemical reaction , completely deferent from masking to just covers up odors by strong perfume.

Epoleon P-201 and P-200 eliminates pet urine & feces odors by miracle Betaine power. P-201 and P-200 also react with fatty acid putrid odors and neutral odors such as the smell of sweat.

Odor neutralizers like P-201 and P-200 only work upon contact with odorous gases. This means that when sprayed, P-200 develops a strong interaction with the molecules of odorous gases. Having no contact with odorous gases will not produce any results. This is a major difference between neutralizers like our P-201 and masking type deodorizers which simply mask, but not eliminate, odors.

P-201 contains a hint of fragrance which has been deliberately added as a Counteractant to react with both alkali odors such as Trimethylamine and Ammonia (urine, etc.), and acidic odors such as Hydrogen Hulfide and Methyl Mercaptan (feces, etc.) simultaneously. It is truly a revolutionary odor neutralizer in that it reacts with all of the above mentioned odors simultaneously. P-201 can be used for dead animal odors, as well as for bird droppings and nest odors in attics and behind walls.

Active ingredients:
Betaine Compounds
Organic Compounds

pH ------------------------------ 4.1 - 6.3 (At 25°C)
Sol. in water ------------------ Soluble
S. Gravity --------------------- 1.01 - 1.02 (At 25°C)
Appearance ------------------ Transparent
Scent -------------------------- Fragrance


  • Pet odor (Feces)
  • Pet odor (Urine)
  • Pet odor (Sweat)

  • Model: P-201